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Ever since I can remember, I have been creative and rebellious! Growing up was hard at times. Some of those closest to me know the gory details of parts of my childhood, and there's evidence of it all over this site, but we'll keep it pleasant here and just say that at times, things weren't easy. I have been lucky to work on a variety of mind-blowing projects, meeting the most exceptional individuals along the way.

I am putting a lot of effort into creating this site. I believe it’s the ideal platform to introduce myself, my work and my insights to the world, away from censors and algorithms. Since I’ve had such a wide variety of life experiences, love, trauma, revelations and so much more, this site includes a little bit of everything. Take a look at and see for yourself...

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I might influence you!

Here you have the reason I feel I've had to stop using Facebook and just have my very own space.

I have been given no option about having extra security on my account. I don't want it. I don't want 2 factor authentication, facial recognition or to even give Facebook my phone number. I don't want it to have my phone contacts, have access to my text messages or back up my phones gallery... I just want to see what my friends are doing and follow a few alternative groups.. But that's not allowed now. 

Because of some of the work I've done previously, they think I'm an influencer or that people are going to try and hack me.. Perhaps people have tried it because they think I am someone special and Facebook really is looking out for me..?

Well, whatever the reason for this, I'm not doing it and from now on, (except for a short 10 day transitional period) I'll be here, writing, making videos, being silly and trying to change the world, 1 site visitor at a time.

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So just over a month on from starting this website, I've already done a fair few reworks of it (without actually finishing it) and I've launched 4 of my crazy ideas onto the world.

The first was Free School Uniforms, followed by Transaction fees and MPs expenses. Then I launched the peoples land grab and NFPNRG... So I've had a fairly busy month!! 

I'm now back, rebuilding this site again to take these new projects into account but I'll pass by this page again soon to add even more about me!!

21/05/2022 00:15

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I do have loads more to add to this section of the site, but this place is gonna get big pretty fast and contain ALL MY SECRETS!! Depending on who you are will very much depend on what you see..

I doubt anyone will ever see everything that's here.. For now, I must move on.. I will be back here in a day or 2 with more :)


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